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About Us

Our work at AWTTC focuses on:

  • Health technology appraisal
  • Medicines optimisation
  • Medicines safety, including the reporting of serious adverse reactions
  • Education
  • Toxicology services
  • Prescribing analysis

We provide professional secretariat, pharmaceutical, clinical and health economics support to AWMSG and its subgroups. 

We co-ordinate and support the Individual Patient Funding Request (IPFR) process following national consultation and the new One Wales Interim Commissioning Process.

We also manage the Wales Patient Access Scheme, a scheme introduced to enable manufacturers of medicines to offer a price reduction or rebate, thereby improving the cost-effectiveness of a medicine.




Providing prescribing and medicines optimisation services


All Wales Therapeutics and Toxicology Centre

Why? Create a healthier, better informed Wales

How? By excellence in delivery of a portfolio of services in Therapeutics and Toxicology

What? Aim to be the authority on therapeutics and toxicology in Wales, liaising with, informing and assisting healthcare professionals, involving patients and the general public and advising Welsh Government, as well as engaging with the pharmaceutical industry


Analysing prescribing data and developing medicines optimisation resources


Welsh Analytical Prescribing Support Unit

Why? Improve health by optimising the way medicines are used in Wales

How? Use of the latest evidence and data to guide best practice and provide insight and context for prescribers

What? Analyse medicines usage data and forecast prescribing activity; develop guidelines and educational resources; facilitate the Wales Patient Access Scheme processes


Providing education in therapeutics, prescribing and behavioural change


Welsh Medicines Resource Centre

Why?Improve the appropriate use of medicines in NHS Wales

How? Education in therapeutics, prescribing and behavioural change for all

What? Produce a combination of digital and face-to-face learning opportunities


Providing national advice and local treatment for poisoned patients


Welsh National Poisons Unit

Why? Improve the clinical outcome of poisoned patients

How?24/7 bespoke telephone advice, online poison database and local treatment unit

What? Provide 24-hour emergency advice to health professionals in the UK and Ireland


Improving access to medicines


Patient Access to Medicines Service

Why? Improve access to medicines for patients in Wales

How? Assessment of the best available evidence using robust, transparent and inclusive processes

What? Appraise health technologies and assess the latest evidence

YCC Wales

Monitoring adverse drug reactions

YCC Wales

Yellow Card Centre Wales

Why? Improve the safety of medicines for patients in Wales

How? Education in medicines safety, the Yellow Card scheme and side effect reporting

What? Promote the timely and appropriate reporting of suspected side effects